At Office

Don’t miss out on your next vacation…Just Zap your tasks to Zapatask

Zapatask will have all the tasks @ Office, @ Home @ Travel covered for you….

You can share your tasks/projects with us from your phone when you are at your home. We will complete the things on time and you will get your task before your next morning.

At Travel

Get a Work Life Balance !

At Home

We will assist you in managing and completing your daily errands and chores so that you can focus on your core work at office.

You can travel without any worry, we will manage all your important tasks/projects. Shave hours from your workweek and throw them to your VA.

At Zapatask your online assistant will have almost everything done @ Home, @ Office, @ Travel…

“Shweta from Zapatask is always available to me, gets things done in a very timely manner, takes feedback well and is very patient, smart and kind. I love working with her. She is a true asset.”

Work life Balanced !

“For any task you start, we offer the first 4 hours free of charge”

“I really enjoy working with all the wonderful people at Zapatask. Since starting our work together my business has grown and is becoming more and more successful everyday. I feel lucky to have found such a wonderful group of people to help me grow my dream.”

Life Coach

(no credit card or bank details required)

Drue Didier

Client Testimonial: By Dr. Erica Goodstone

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Swamped to Work Life Balance !

How it Works

Iris Benrubi

Zapatask is assisting over 5000+ busy individuals, moms and execs

get their time back ..  get their work life balance back

Zap Your Task

Zap your tasks Via Phone, Email or Skype. We will take care of all your errands & chores. Take a vacation, enjoy it, and not miss a beat!

Life Coach

Analyze & Track Progress

Analysis & track the progress by just dropping an email or with a text. Give feedback on the go!

Mary Sheehan

“Zapatask team has been instrumental in helping me with my business and getting the tasks done that I need – even the task that I can do myself which has opened up the time for me to do what I do best. Thank you Zapatask!”

Pay on Completion

Choose Pricing plan from pay as you go to Zapatask plan. Get Completion insight of hours used and timestamp!

Life Coach

We’re here to help, 24 hours a day, 7 day a week

” Get Your Work Life Balance ” Now..